Thinking of Dating a Younger Man? Here’s 5 Thing You Need to Consider

Older women dating younger men is something that’s become a lot more common and socially acceptable over the years, from Mrs Robinson to Stifler’s Mom to Samantha in Sex and The City. While it’s not quite taboo any more, it’s still sure to raise some eyebrows but let’s be honest with each other shall we? The edginess of an older woman and younger man relationship is something that adds to the excitement of it and is certainly part of the appeal for both people in the relationship.

Here is a short list of 5 things that you must consider before entering your first relationship with a younger man.

1. Be careful if you are looking for a long term relationship from your guy. There’s a good chance your younger man doesn’t see you as marriage material. This is why it’s so important to know what each person’s relationship goals are from the very beginning. The age difference may be exciting to him for a casual fling but he may not be able to see himself settling down with a woman too much his senior. If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family watch out, he may not be thinking long term even if you are.

2. Keep up or stay out of the way. If you’re serious about dating younger men you have to be ready for the fact that he’s probably going to have a lot of energy, that’s what you were hoping for right? The tricky part is when it comes to the times that you can’t keep up or just don’t want to go out clubbing or to a bar, don’t stand in his way. Let him go and remember he was attracted to you because you weren’t like the women his age; you’re cool, understanding and not needy.

Don’t end up his sugar momma, unless you want to. The role reversal, from what society has seen as typical for so long, can get pretty confusing at times. Often in the cougar relationship you’ll find that you have more financial independence, a higher paying career and just better ‘things’ in general. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you should pay for every dinner or date you go out on. Let your young beau contribute, unless you choose to be his sugar momma.

4. Don’t let age fool you. At the end of the day, a person’s age isn’t much more than a number. The compatibility with a man will be based on his intellect and maturity but more than anything else, your relationship’s success will come down to you sharing similar relationship goals. So, while you’re on the lookout for a younger man, don’t let someone else pass you by just because of their age.

5. Remember, you’re his girlfriend not his mother. It’s easy to sometimes see your younger man like an excited little puppy, that’s OK, who doesn’t like puppies? The thing to really watch out for is when your nurturing instinct kicks in. Caring for your guy is one thing but making a fuss and mothering him will cross over the line into creepy.

There are a lot of great reasons to have a relationship with a younger man and plenty of reasons for it to work too. Remember though, like with any relationship, go into it knowing what you want to get out of it.