10 Things You Didn’t Know About First Dates

Here’s a list of things to do on the first date to improve your chances of getting a second one. When I use them, I make women very attracted to me.

#1 – Cocky Comedy Makes Her Want You

Using the Cocky and Funny technique is the best way to build the attraction on the first date. The first time I used this technique, it looked like magic. Women started writing me email, calling me, and touching me a lot. It’s amazing how HORNY  gets women this technique.

#2 – Being a Bit Late

couple enjoying their first date
It might seem a bit counter intuitive – but arriving a bit late to the date makes women feel attraction towards you. Here’s why it’s important to arrive a bit late to the first date, so you don’t look needy.

Always be 10 minutes late, no matter how bad it looks. Doing this, transforms you into a challenge.

#3 – Let Her Speak 60% of the Time

Most men talk too much when they’re out on a date. They want to tell her everything about them. This is bad, because women like things like mystery, intrigue and unpredictability. If you want to get a second date, don’t tell her your life’s story during the first date. It makes her uncomfortable. Instead, be laid back and let her do the talking. .. and try to avoid boring topics on a first date.

#4 – Don’t Suggest Another Meeting Right Away

If at the end of the date, you know you two are clicking, don’t try to book the second date right then and there. When you suggest another meeting, you look very needy. Instead, be mysterious and don’t show any sign of interest yet. I know that  you want to see her again… but if you look to eager to go out with her again, she might lose her interest in you-  because now she know that she can’t have you.

Women want what they can’t have!

#5 – Don’t Maintain Eye Contact

Everyone knows that in order to look confident, you must be able to maintain eye  contact. …But every rule has an exception. The only moment you shouldn’t follow this tip is this:

When she is talking, don’t make eye contact… but when you talk, make eye contact always.

The reason this works is because it makes you a challenge. It lets her know that you won’t give her you’re whole attention right away…  so she must earn it. When she’s talking get distracted with something.

“Don’t put your entire  focus on your date. “Even though the goal is connecting with her, you also want to be a challenge” says dating advisor David DeAngelo.

#6 – Ask for the Date with Confidence

The reason most women reject men, is because of their lack of confidence. A few things to do to come across as confident are:

  • Call her fairly soon, but not the first day. You don’t wanna look needy.
  • Don’t ask her, just tell her. “Hey, come to the game with me on Friday”.
  • Make sure you keep the call short and simple.
  • Don’t leave messages if she doesn’t pick up. This lowers your value in front of her.

#7 – Maintain Your Composure

You don’t wanna seem nervous on a date. Women aren’t attracted to nervous and insecure guys. They want calm and confident men. So move and talk slowly and seem more composed. Never lose your cool.

#8 – Being Interesting

Don’t make the first date an interview. Find some topics women love to talk about and stick to them. Here are some great  topics to talk about with a woman.

#9 – Appear Laid-back

Look, if you want to attract a woman on a first date, be laid back. Don’t care about the outcome, it’s just the first coffee-date! Don’t put pressure on her Be relaxed. Don’t look like you’re about to have a job interview. So don’t lean in, lean back. Don’t tell about your feelings too soon.

#10 – Know the Signs She Wants to be Kissed

When a girls wants to be kissed, she’ll often give you green flags. In this article I’m gonna tell you how to recognize if it’s the right moment. Also I’ll tell you what to do if she’s not giving you green flags.